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UK Nationals 2020

A shortened Nationals this year due to COVID restrictions meant only three days of racing for all rigs.

For me, day one was a little stressful as I had an exam at 9 am and then had to get on the water for 10 am. I managed to make the first start as I got the boat rigged and ready before the exam. The first day, with around 15-18 knots of breeze, was 10 knots too much for me, considering I'd spent most of the summer just working on finishing my degree (either writing my dissertation or revising for exams). By the third race, I was basically just hanging off the toestrap upwind. Absolutely loved it though. I had forgotten just how much I missed big fleet racing - it was great to be back out there on the water.

A small hurricane came through on day two with gusts of up to 40 knots, which meant that racing was abandoned fairly early that day. It did look quite fun out there though. The final day of racing was another windy day (great fun, but not for the legs!). Another big day took its toll on the body. If I was on a supermarket shelf, I'd have a big fat reduced sticker on me... The pictures tell the story.

I finished up 10th overall, not my finest performance at a UK Nationals, but relatively pleased with my racing. Just lacking the fitness. I have now completed all my university commitments and looking forward to being able to give the sailing a proper good go. Next event is in Kiel in Germany in a week’s time.

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