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What's going on in my life now?

Updated: 4th August 2022


It's the week after the nationals. I'm still on quite a buzz after it, I've received loads of lovely messages congratulating me which has been wonderful. I'm now back to Weymouth breaking things down and going back to basics as we have a while before our next major competition so it gives us the opportunity to fit two training seasons into one. Here is a link to the Yachts and Yachting article.


I'm living down in Weymouth most of the time, makes it easy for training and I can work from home down there. I'm occasionally back to Winchester or up to London visiting family or friends.


I'm currently reading 'How the World Thinks' by Julian Bagini. I don't understand most of it and have to re-read page after page. Who knows if I will actually ever finish this. But the bits I do understand a quite interesting and highlight how thinking differs between cultures and through time.


I had a go at meditation over the first lockdown and quite enjoyed it, I really got into cold water swimming with my Dad most mornings as well as some sort of mind-body connection thing. Currently trying to use Sam Harris' Waking Up App as a bit of mindfulness practice. I need to get back into the swing of making it a habit as I have found myself getting distracted in seconds...


I'm having a go at learning Chinese with my partner, we have online lessons once a week and it's going ok. The main problem is I don't understand English that well to learn another language... I've been a bit crap at keeping up with it while I've been competing but hoping to sort that out over the next few weeks. 


Enjoying work at the moment, currently, building models for Cricket analysis, getting ready for the southern hemisphere season to kick off towards the end of the year. 

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