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The New Boat

After a quick stop off in Singapore for a week, enjoying the wonders it has to offer, I flew to Sydney just before Christmas to spend some time with my Aussie relatives before making my way down south to Melbourne with my new ship. I bought a new boat out here and have sold my UK boat and will then ship this new boat back home after all the events. Uncle Eddie and I rigged up a pretty cool system inside his van with bits of wood and carpet to transport the boat down south. Fair to say the bits he did held together pretty well, and you could tell where I had tried to use my degree…

Cousin Enzo accompanied me on the journey and kept us out the way of the bush fires, and after a couple days of travelling we arrived. I also found where I was staying, thanks to more cousins for hosting me until the end of the worlds in February. I have rigged and measured the new laser ready for the Australian nationals starting tomorrow.

I’m doing three events out here before heading back home to do some of that degree I’m meant to be doing: Aussie nationals, Sail Melbourne and the big one, the World Champs.

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