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Post-Lockdown the 1st

To the 3 or 4 people that read this that aren't Mum and Dad, Hellooo, apologies for not being very active on here. After I got back from Aus, I have more or less just been focussing on polishing off the master's degree. I had about 4 weeks of 'normal' University before the UK went into lockdown and I went back to Winchester to stay with my family. Looking back I was quite lucky that I actually made it back to the UK before it all kicked off!

I have now moved out of Bristol for the last time and just have to finish the dissertation and 3 more exams in late August (will I ever finish this degree?) and then I will be done with Uni. I have moved back home over the Summer and will be living here until the rest of the family get sick of me, or I get sick of them. I've been sailing when I can, mainly down at Stokes Bay and it feels pretty damn good. Probably to do with the fact it's summer now but also the fact we couldn't leave home for 3 months and now being able to see the horizon feels like a shark being let out the aquarium, great for the shark, not so for everyone else.

The nationals start tomorrow down here in Weymouth, looking forward to it. Don't really have any expectations going into it as I've had a bit of time out the boat recently and also have an exam 2 hours before racing which I will try to squeeze in. Don't really want to take my laptop on the water, find it hard enough judging wind shifts as is. I don't have many photos from recent Laser sailing endeavors but here are some from some chilled yacht sailing with the gang.

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1 Comment

Aug 24, 2020

Good luck for the Nationals and...for the exam before! xoxo

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