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Looking back over the years - Podcast

Happy New Year everyone! Sticking with the whole new year new me crap I have a slightly different update for you this time. I recently did a podcast for the UK Laser Association just talking through my sailing career and thought you'd all love to hear that. So I've added a link below to that. It's my first go at doing something like this, so go easy on me. Might be more to come now that we are stuck in another lockdown - seems like they keep coming back just like a boomerang.

While this is a tough time for getting out on the water I'm trying to look at it as a bit of an opportunity, there's loads of stuff I can still get done on land, such as fitness and patching up the boat from some various scrapes over the year. Much rather it this time of year than the summer as well.

All the best to everyone and stay safe wherever you are.

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