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Escaping Lockdown - Part 2... not for much longer

I thought I'd escaped the last of the lockdowns but as I went home for Christmas, the UK government decided to slap the big tier 4 restrictions on us starting from Boxing Day. So I am indefinitely stuck at home for the foreseeable until we can be released, no doubt to then be put back in our kennels within a month. Hopefully this time I'd have enough warning to escape!

Looking back at the last half of my training camp in Malta, I couldn't have asked for more. What a great camp. Felt like I was really making strides with my sailing and enjoying it along the way, the double whammy.

I had a great time getting behind the wheel of an SB20. This is a slightly bigger boat, usually three crew, with three sails to operate as opposed to one. The owner of the boat was very kind (deluded) to let us three Laser sailors, who had never sailed the boat before, take his boat out and race for the first time over a weekend regatta. We all had to get our head around multiple sails and talking to each other. Sailing Lasers usually requires no communication as it's just solo. It was a steep learning curve, as I had the stick. If I didn't tell crew mates James and Finlay what I was planning, there was a high chance they would end up in the drink. Anyway it was a great weekend and much more fun sharing the few highs and frequent lows as we slowly realised fundamental errors we were making.

You might think there were no disadvantages to Malta life but just when it was going all so well I was reminded of the only thing winter in the UK is good for. No deadly insects flying about all over the place trying to harvest your blood. After a great day on the water, just when I was getting changed I was drawn into a fight with a bloody massive hornet - wingspan the size of a small pigeon. Anyway, it stung me on the hand and after 48 hours my hand was the size of a melon, more or less. I was still able to sail, thank god, but it was just quite funny to look at and a bit annoying as closing my hand to grip a rope was tough at points. You'll be happy to know I've made a full recovery and the hornet went straight in the bin.

The training in the Laser was also top quality and the last week out there we were joined by the Lithuanian Sailing Team for some quality racing. All in all, we had a solid camp and I left with some good takeaways that I can work on before heading out there again in early 2021 (hopefully).

After my quarantine, I returned to the welcoming icy waters and gale-force winds down in Weymouth. When the wind has been a little too big I've been able to get out surfing as the swell kicks up nicely around the southwest coast. I also clearly need to work on my game face and you'll be glad to hear I have had a haircut since.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to the new year.

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